The Death of the Household Darling

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The Death of the Household Darling


THOU wast the youngling of our flock - our little petted lamb,
Whose presence ever shed around a holy, happy calm,
When grieved, and worn, and sick at heart with worldly cares and men,
Thine infant gladness freshen'd up, our drooping souls again.

And thou seemedst in thy loveliness a messenger from heaven,
To mind us of our better home, in bounteous mercy given.
But ah! no more thy joyous voice, shall soothe the thrill of pain,
God, who bestowed the angel gift, hath called thee back again.

Others we have, almost as fair, as much beloved as thou,
But they can never fill thy place, mournfully vacant now.
A parent's anxious cares and fears, for them our hopes o'er shade,
But thou, sweet babe, about our path, only bright sunshine made.

The germs of sin in thy young heart, slept undeveloped yet,
No tear, save those of joy, for thee, ever our eye lidst wet,
Tears, such as with the hallowed drops, fell on thy warm white brow,
When we gave thee to thy Savior's care in bless'd baptismal vow.

We know his promised guardianship, was sealed, accepted there,
We know he folds upon his breast, our darling baby fair,
And softer than her mother's arms, and sweeter than her smile,
Is the refuge of our happy one secure from taint of guile.

But our heart-strings all unconsciously, had 'circled her so fast,
And so sudden was the blow that rent apart the loving clasp,
That their fibers are all bleeding yet and quivering with pain,
But thou knowest, Lord, we would not ask, nor wish her back again.

Make thou our bitter suffering bring new glory to thy name,
And lift us more above the world - its empty praise and blame,
Oh! mould our hearts more faithfully, thy will to do and bear,
Till our lost babe shall welcome us, her Saviour's smile to share.





2:44, p. 176




From the Episcopal Recorder


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