Hymn at Midnight

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Hymn at Midnight


Source of all light and joy and life!

Creator of each starry sphere,

That o'er me on the arch of night

Gleams like a diamond soft and clear;

Oh, as I gaze transported now

On yonder blue, resplendent dome,

Deign but to hear my prayer, that thou

Wilt call my erring spirit home!

Home from the world's fast fading bowers,

Frail vision and deluding dreams

To that fair clime of Eden flowers,

Soft airs and brightly flowing streams,

Oh, make me feel that while I stay,

A sojourner and stranger here,

My soul must seek its homeward way,

Far, far beyond each stormy sphere.

I kneel before thy gorgeous throne

Upon thy footstool, King of kings!

And, gazing on the glories strown

Beneath the Holy Spirit's wings,

Abject and weak, my awe struck heart

Would from thy dazzling spirit flee,

If, Savior, Thou didst not impart

Rays of undying hope to me!

As yonder faintly glimmering star

Receives its lustre from the sun,

Though from its fiery splendors far, -

So far from thy love, Almighty One!

My spirit drinks immortal light;

Oh, never may that light decay,

But, like yon diamond of the night,

In heaven's own beauty melt away!


Park Benjamin


2:27, p. 106




Park Benjamin, “Hymn at Midnight,” Periodical Poets, accessed April 14, 2024, https://periodicalpoets.com/items/show/279.


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