The Polish Patriotic Hymn

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The Polish Patriotic Hymn


The Times' Warsaw correspondent says—Th singing of the National Hymn still continues. Indeed, though of Roman Catholic origin, and containing prayers for the dead, it has been recently sung during divine service in the churches of both Lutheran and Calvinist Protestants, and with [?], in the Jewish synagogues. To give you some [?] of its character, I venture to send you a version of it in English—full of defects, I know, but still convying the sense of the original. It was cmposed, I am told by a Polish Bishop, in the reign of Alexander I., when the Polish nation began to [?] [?] a renewed national existence, from the [?] and liberality of the [?] after the events of 1813. The last two stanzas are a recent addition. The music is plaintive and touching.



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