A New Year's Gift

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A New Year's Gift


"A NEW YEAR'S GIFT," from thee, O Lord, I crave!
For thou are full, and overflowest still
With blessings spiritual, through the whole church
Arrived in heaven, and all who wait below,
Thy sovereign call to hear, and all who wait below,
Have tasted of thy love, and are supplied
From out thy fullness. Condescend, O Lord,
To grant this favor, if no more thou give,
That I may know for me thou'st given thyself-
That thou are mine, and I belong to thee!

But what return can sinner such as I

Render my Lord? - for though I've oft received
Rich tokens of His love - have heard his voice -
Followed where'er He led, nor wished to stray;
Yet how rebellious, wandering, cold and dead
In these affections, which once fixed on Him
Should never more have swerved!

Then, O my Lord,
Bestow thy grace, and answer my request;
Grant me this New Year's Gift, and I will give -
But I have naught to offer of my own!
My body's thine - my spirit - yea, my all -
All these are thine; what have I in return?

Less than the least, the least of all I bring;

For do not others more than I possess?
- Take what is thine, Lord - all I have and am -
Thou wilt accept; then let me joyful see,
Though nothing is the work of mine, or me,
"My heavenly treasures are immense in THEE!"

New York, Jan. 1, 1838.




2:2, p. 6




MR. EDITOR, - I envy not the feelings of that man, who can look back on the PAST YEAR, now forever closed upon us, and recount the various mercies of GOD, without being excited to gratitude - especially in view of those rich blessings which have conducted him in safety to the beginning of another year.
At the commencement of a NEW YEAR, we should give utterance to thanksgiving and melody of heart. - Every seasonable supply, support, and refreshment received at the Lord's hand, through the year past, should strengthen our faith in the "goodness of the Lord," for the present one. I would say to all my christian readers, "The fruit of the land of Canaan is yours this year, also." It is true, the Lord's mercies are "new every morning;" but at every return of this season, they appear to issue from his bountiful hand with increased liberality - and to demand new songs of praise, and greater "sacrifices for his service." The following lines may not inappropriately express the sentiments of your pious readers and correspondents;


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