God's Judgments

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God's Judgments


"When thy judgements are in the earth, the inhabitants of the world will learn righteousness."—Bible.

Judgement slumbered—God in mercy

Stayed his strong avenging hand

Sent them priests, and sent them prophets—

But they would not understand.

Judgement lingered—men grown bolder,

Gloried in their shame and guilt;

And the blood of God's poor children,

Was as water freely spilt.

And a million hearts lay quivering,

Smitting by oppressions rod;

But their sighs like gloomy incense,

Reach'd the burning throne of God!

Then arose a cry to heaven,

Deep and startling, sad and wild,

Sadder than the wail of Egypt,

Morning for the first-born child!

For the sighing of the needy,

God at length did bare his hand!

And the footsteps of his judgments

Echoed through the guilty land.

Oh! the pain, the grief, the anguish!

Oh! the bitter, fearful strife!

When the judgments of Jehovah,

Press'd upon the nation's life!

And the land did reel and tremble

'Neath the terror of his frown;

For its guilt lay heavy on it,

Pressing like an iron crown!

As a warning to the nations,

Bathed in blood, and swathed in fire,

Lay the once oppressing nation,

Smitten by God's fearful ire!


Frances Ellen Watkins Harper


1:28, p. 4




Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, “God's Judgments,” Periodical Poets, accessed April 14, 2024, https://periodicalpoets.com/items/show/754.


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