Lines on the Death of William Burnett

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Lines on the Death of William Burnett


Our brother has fallen, his spirit has fled
To God who gave it. He sleepeth—not dead
He liveth in Heaven the city of God,
Forever redeemed through Jesus the Word,
He's fallen—weep not,—how happy his lot!
Though fallen, yet risen—with us he is not.—
He is not, yet his is,—the Lord hath thus said,
"He that believeth shall live, though dead."
We see him no more, yet we shall behold
Him in Heaven, in glory untold!
In glory ineffable, in bliss and in peace,
In peace essential and righteousness
His voice it is hushed—yet he speaketh to-day,
Immortal his tongue, no more to decay.
Before the throne of Heaven's great King
He chanteth the song no angel can sing.
'Tis the song of redemption, "Glory to God
And to the Lamb, who with his blood
Washed and cleaned and made him pure,
By glory forever and evermore,"
He [?] his harp, in triumph he sings,
And shouteth "O death where is thy sting!"
"Glory to God—to the Lamb who gave
Over thee the victory, boasting grave."
Weep not but resolve we shall see him again,
If faithful, in heaven eternally reign
With God the Father, and Spirit and Song
The one in three and three in one.
Rejoice and be glad, give thanks and praise
To God everlasting, the "Ancient of Days."
All honor all power, all glory to Thee,
Thy mercy has triummph'd—another is free.

New Yor March 3d, 1862


John D. Bagwell


1:33, p. 4




John D. Bagwell, “Lines on the Death of William Burnett,” Periodical Poets, accessed June 15, 2024,


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