A ______

While the majority of poems in these periodicals were either unattributed or published under a name, there are a handful signed with a status, title, or occupation. This was not unique to poems - letters and essays in these periodicals were often simply signed "A Free Man" or "A Man of Colour".

These titles invite universality, inviting readers who are "A Mother" or "A Farmer" to see themselves in them. They also ask readers to recognize was often repressed, obscured, or denied to its writers and editors: maternal love in black women, childhood innocence in black children, or dignity in "An Injured, Wronged, and Traduced Man".

Sabbath School Hymn, L.M.

"Written by a Teacher in Union Sabbath School, in basement of Broadway Tabernacle, New York"

Song of Liberty

"An Injured, Wronged, and Traduced Man"

Saturday Night

"A Journeyman Mechanic"

"Columbia's Eagle slaps her wings"

"[A] very young lady"

The Slave's Prayer

"[A] child only eleven years of age"

Come Home

"By a Sister to a long absent Brother"

Southern Scenes

"A young lady"

A ______