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Of that far distant city,A theme has oft been told,By poets and by sages,Who lived in days of old.That theme a lovely story,Of which we never tire,Has reached us through the ages,And still our hearts inspire.That story - must I tell it?Ah, no! 'tis…

What are the joys that Christmas brings? Are they the gifts of precious things From loved ones near? Then, should all happiness be flown And poverty and hate unknown, In forms so drear! What joys dost thou, dear Christmas, bring? What makes our…

Magnificent! Magnificent, Thou Queen
Of cities! My every thought is fond and true
In loving memories of thee! And through
The mists of coming years, through trembling sheen
Of mystic shade dream-bound where morn is seen
To lift the veil of Night…

When the twilight shadows deepen, Bringing evening to its close, Calm and peaceful are the moments, Verging on to night's repose. When the twilight shadows bring us Gentle memories of the past, Then the mist of time is lifted, With no shadow…

If I should go away, and ne'er return, - If I should find a home beneath a clime That grows the golden orange and the lime And all the fruits the heated tropics burn, - Would you recall the vanished hours, the time, When, in the hope of youth's all…

The dead - I wish them back? Ah, no.
I linger with the fragrance of this rose,
I hold in loving thought the dead, but chose
Them life again? What use? To come - to go?

All day long in the crowded street,
Wand'ring about with shoeless feet,
Waif of the shadows, poor and sad,
No cheering friend to make her glad,
No one has she to light her way,
She walks about the long, long day,
Holding flowers to passers…

Two bright, brown eyes, which told a story now
Of joy and then - reproach and pain and - loved.
Ah, winds canst bring me from the dreams above
That spell again, that life, that joy, that vow?

Deep down in thy dark eyes
A world of longing lies
Of sweet desire,
Of hopes, of doubts, of fears,
And just a trace of tears
Quenched by the fire
Of love's perpetual glow,
Of passion's ebb and flow,
As they arise
In thy dark eyes.

Flow on, loved brook, flow on, Thy ripping song finds voice In every sigh I breathe unto thy keeping, In every joy that to my heart comes leaping Sweet brook, I love they voice, Sing on, my love, sing on. Flow on, loved brook, flow on, Thy…
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