Work and Think

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Work and Think


Hammer, and tongs, and anvils ringing,

Waking echoes all day long,

In a deep-toned voice are singing

Thrifty Labor's iron song.

From a thousand fly wheels bounding,

From a thousand singing looms,

Night and day the ntoes are sounding

Through the misty fact'ry room.

Listen! workman, to their playing—

There's advance in every click;

Still they're singing—still they're saying,

"Whilst you labor, learn to think!"

Think what power lies within you.

For what triumphs ye are formed,

If, in aid of bone and sinew,

Hearts of emulation warmed.

Mighty Thought ye woo and cherish,

What shall hold your spirits down?

What shall make your high hope perish?

Why shall ye mind fortunes frown?

Do ye wish for profit, pleasure?

Thirst at Learning's fount to drink?

Crave ye honor, fame or treasure?

Ye the germs have—work and think!

Think! but not alone of living,

Like the horse from day to day:

Think! but not alone of giving

Health for pelf, or soul for pay:

Think! O, be machines no longer—

Engines mades of flesh and blood!

Think! 'twill make you fresher, stronger;

Link you to the great and good!

Thoughts exalts and lightens labor,

Thought forbids the soul to sink!

Self-respect and love of neighbor,

Mark the men who work—and think!

Think! and let the thought now nerve you;

Think of men who've gone before

Leaving lustrous names to serve you;

Yours the path they've plodded o'er;

Freedom fights and wins her charter

With the sword of thought—the pen!

Tyranny can find no quarter

In the ranks of thinking men.

Think! for thought's a word of power—

Power to make oppression shrink;

Grasp ye then the precious dower!

Poise it—wield it—work and think!

Hold your hands up, toiling brothers;

'Mongst us be it ne'er forgot

Labor for ourselves and others,

Is for man a noble lot.

Nobler far, and holier, higher,

Than vain luxury can claim,

If but zeal and worth inspire,

And true greatness be our aim,

Power to compass this is given—

Power that forms the strongest link

'Twixt an upright man and Heaven,

His noblest power—the power to think!




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